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No New Posts The Zones

When one views the them they appear to the very serene and quiet communities that one would equate to the 1950s. They all look clean and prosperous. That’s the illusion. They are clean and prosperous and also heavily patrolled by R1K’s Sentinels. These are definitely a safe s d peaceful place to live. If you aren’t a mutant.

Humans live here and those that don’t want to live there are free to leave.

The Zone’s encompass major population centers that provide everything one would need to live and have a good safe life. The Sentinels keep order and there has never been a Sentinel accidentally murder of a human. Their protocols are so strict that some have even come back with graffiti sprayed on them. These are very human settlements where R1K is keeping the twisted dream alive.

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No New Posts Mutant Alliance

In a remote area of Texas is an abandoned missile silo that once housed the most dangerous piece of equipment known to humankind. It laid abandoned for many years and is now forgotten except by a few. It is now the base of operations for the band of mutants who resist R1K. Lead by Cable and his capable second in command Fury they rescue and house mutants and their human family here. It is only a way station though for them to taken to safer places. The facility itself has been repaired. It has functioning, and self contained, power and water systems. It has six levels. The fifth level being used for sleeping and habitation to avoid detection. The sixth level houses the power generators and water treatment facility. The other levels are used for meals, recreation with Level One being used for a security buffer between the surface and any intrusion. It is very secure and listed as decommissioned and destroyed. The year it was listed as such is 2019. Time has a way of providing.

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No New Posts Sentinel Headquarters

There is a place that is talked about by mutants and their families. It is a place full of horrors and nightmares. It is referred to by a code name that was gleaned from a encrypted transmission before they started to randomize their encryption sequences and rotate them on an hourly basis.

The Silent Citadel is the home of the creation of one Darius England and Katherine Lackland. They called her Rhona but to the world at large she is R1K and created for one purpose, that is to destroy Mutant Kind and any allies they have found.

The Silent Citadel is not a place that has been found as many believe it to fantasy of those lucky enough to escape but with no memory of how to get to it.

The citadel itself is actually a fortress and prison where R1K houses mutants and her operational staff who plans her missions. Here you will find all the subjects of the Silent Defense program who were created in the same vein as R1K. They lead strikes to root out the remaining American Mutant Population from this fortress and their staff are sycophants who believe in their cause and are devoted.

It is a multilevel fortress and prison with enough cells to contain at least ten thousand mutants, a proving grounds for testing new armor and sentinel designs, a facility for cloning replacement parts for the other members of her created family.

It is heavily defended and many things can be launched from here but the question on everyone's mind is...where is it?

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